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Optimal health with holistic medicine

"You can heal your life" Louise L. Hay

Welcome to our Holistic Doctor practice

If you are suffering from chronic health issues that do not resolve, are frequently sick, tired or in pain, or just want to improve your health naturally,

we are here to help 

Our holistic approaches are:

Very effective

In helping regain vibrant health, independent of your condition. See our Testimonials Section for examples from our clients.


In harmony with nature, non-invasive and without side effects.


Fully individualized

As every person is different, what may be good for somebody else is not necessarily good for you.

Affordable, great value

Affordable rates, very high benefit-to-cost ratio. 


We deeply listen and understand your situation, we care, and dedicate significant quality time to you.  

Naturopathic doctor's services
  • Biomagnetism therapy

  • Vibrational therapy & Sound therapy

  • Energy healing

  • Applied Kinesiology

  • Homeopathy

  • Bach Flowers

  • Herbs

  • Essential oils

  • Supplements

  • Lifestyle changes

Functional medicine works

Let and help your body heal itself

If you are suffering from chronic health issues or pain, you may not be fully leveraging your body's own ability to heal


In our holistic practice, we see clients with very diverse health concerns, from chronic life threatening issues to minor ailments not going away. 

Functional medicine doctors look for the root causes of health issues. If you are suffering from chronic conditions, it is not because of bad luck. It is important to identify the actual root causes and address them. And please note: a named disease is not the actual cause.

We identify the actual root causes of your situation and work closely with you to address them naturally and energetically, in a caring and loving way. This empowers your body to heal.

Naturopathic medicine is natural

"The same power that created you, can heal you."
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Can your body really heal itself?


Yes, if given the opportunity. 


Notice your hands for a minute or try to feel your heart beating inside you. Your hands, your heart and all the organs of your body are miracles of engineering that even the best engineers or doctors cannot recreate. Your body created them though, did it effortlessly, and keeps them working. Why not use this great capability – that you clearly have – to be well again? 

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