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Our naturopathic office in Mason, Ohio

Naturopathic office
Holistic practitioner office

What to expect

Our regular holistic sessions are at least one hour long. They are fully focused on you as an individual and tailored to your specific needs. 

We use natural, safe and non-invasive approaches. The lifestyle changes we suggest are not difficult to implement and they do not include tough diets or heavy detox programs. 


Our main objective in our Holistic Doctor practice is to help people who are suffering. We offer: 

  • An affordable rate for our regular 1 hour sessions: 125 $.

  • A best value 3-month package.

Although our naturopathic approaches are very effective, due to their natural nature, they are NOT covered by insurance. 


For the convenience of our clients we sell some of the herbs and/or supplements that we may recommend. We recommend affordable high-quality supplements. Feel free to buy from us or from other health stores.

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