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Our naturopathic office in Mason, Ohio

Naturopathic office
Holistic practitioner office

What to expect

In our holistic practice, you will encounter a caring, compassionate, and stress-free environment suitable for the entire family. We recognize the significance of attentive listening and dedicate a substantial amount of quality time to understanding your unique situation. Our standard holistic sessions are a minimum of one hour in duration, centered on you as an individual, and customized to meet your specific needs.

During each session, we may incorporate one or several of the natural approaches and alternative therapies we follow. We charge a single fee for the session; this fee encompasses everything we do in the session, including Biomagnetism, Energy Healing, Emotion Code, etc, if applicable. Additionally, we may recommend herbs / supplements and lifestyle changes. The lifestyle adjustments we propose are typically easy to implement and do not involve stringent diets or intensive detox programs.

The herbs and supplements we recommend are of high quality yet affordable. For your convenience, we have several of them available for purchase. You are welcome to buy directly from us or explore options at other health stores.

Please note that ours is a naturopathic practice, it is NOT an MD (Medical Doctor) practice. Naturopathy and the other alternative approaches we utilize are complementary to regular medical practices, not a substitute. 


In our naturopathic practice, our primary objective is to assist individuals who are experiencing health challenges. With this intention, we strive to make our services as affordable as possible. We offer: 

  • An affordable rate for our regular 1 hour sessions: 129 $. 

  • A best value 3-month package.

  • Ask for our money-back guarantee packages.

Although our naturopathic approaches are very effective, due to their natural nature, they are NOT covered by insurance. We do accept HSA/FSA. 

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