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In our Naturopathic practice, we see clients with very diverse health concerns - from chronic life threatening issues (non-emergency) to minor ailments not going away - including: cancer, asthma, pain, skin issues, fatigue, sinus issues, sleeping issues, menstrual pains, anxiety, stress, immuno-deficiency problems, and many more. 

The following testimonials highlight a few examples of their experiences (emphasis is ours). We are very thankful to our clients for the opportunity they give us to be part of their lives and for their support. 

"I had been feeling down and was really tired. I also was having very painful, difficult menstrual periods (including vomiting), and had a constant pain in the area of the belly button. By re-balancing my energies with magnets, taking the supplements suggested and adjusting my lifestyle, I felt much better after a few months. My periods are now painless, the pain in my belly went away, and my energy improved greatly."  --CR

"My eight-year-old son had anger issues and aggressive behavior for years. As a result, he couldn’t play with other kids and didn’t have friends. It was so severe that he was expelled from day-care and from school. In just a few weeks – after clearing some blocked energies with magnets, using the appropriate Bach flowers, and providing some food supplements – my son’s behavior changed dramatically. He now has friends and plays with them outside for long periods of time without a problem, something that was inconceivable before. Even his attitude towards me changed: he is now loving and caring, and he does what I ask him to do! It is like a miracle come true! "  --YA

“I had been suffering from fatigue for months, especially in the afternoons I couldn't do anything and had to go to sleep. As the doctor couldn't find anything wrong, I tried Greater Cincinnati Natural Health. They helped me identify what was affecting my body. I followed their suggestions and it was amazing to feel my energy going back to normal in a few days!”  --LL

Healthy boy

“My five year old son always had trouble sleeping. For months he had frequent nightmares in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep without waking me up. After a couple of energy balancing sessions with magnets and applying the recommended essential oil, he has been sleeping well for several weeks. What a relief!"  --NC

“After a severe car accident where I lost consciousness, I couldn't remember names of persons very close to me, or dates of recent events that anybody would normally remember. As I was very concerned about this (and the doctors said they couldn't help) I decided to try Greater Cincinnati Natural Health. I couldn't believe that, after a single session of Biomagnetism, I remembered everything!”  --LEL

Healthy young woman

I had terrible scaly patches on my skin, the flare-ups were very severe. Medicines that used to help were not helping anymore. After a few sessions of Biomagnetism and addressing some emotional baggage, my skin went back to normal.”  --JD

“My menstrual periods were always very painful. The only time I didn't suffer was when I was pregnant. After a few sessions of Biomagnetism and using the supplements suggested, my next period was pain free! It's now been like this for several months.”   --NC

“My teenage son had a facial tic since he was six years old. We consulted several doctors and alternative practitioners, but unfortunately they couldn't help. A friend recommended Greater Cincinnati Natural Health. They helped my son balancing his energies with magnets, and recommended specific supplements and homeopathics. After a few sessions we started seeing the difference; after a few months the tic practically disappeared!” --CA

"I had surgery to remove a uterine fibroid. After that, every night for ten days my belly would grow as if I was pregnant, the pain was so unbearable that I had to take up to four Advils per night to mitigate it. After one single session of Biomagnetism, the size of my belly returned to normal almost immediately, and the pain did not return! I wholeheartedly recommend Greater Cincinnati Natural Health."  -- MG

“All my life, since I was a little girl, I suffered from significant sinus issues and I was sick frequently with respiratory infections. Doing a few sessions of Biomagnetism and taking the suggested supplements has helped tremendously. Last winter I didn't even get sick!”  --SH

“I had a cough that wouldn't go away for months. Antibiotics and other medicines didn't help. Using the herbs suggested made the trick in about 10 days.”  --JC

"I had been feeling tired for a few months. I wanted to sleep all day. Making the lifestyle changes suggested, balancing my energies and taking the recommended supplements, brought me back to normal in a few days!”  --NC

Healthy man

"My two-year-old daughter had severe development issues. At two years she only weighed what is normal for a one-year-old, she was eating very little, and couldn’t walk. Her pediatricians wanted to insert a tube in her stomach to feed her. That's when I decided to try Greater Cincinnati Natural Health. After the first session - in which magnets were applied - my daughter started drinking and eating, and started gaining weight. After the second session, she started walking! I truly recommend Greater Cincinnati Natural Health, they are amazing!"  --AN

“My seven year old daughter has had asthma since she was one year old. She would have flare-ups every time she got a cold, requiring frequent applications of nebulizers or inhalers. We decided to give Greater Cincinnati Natural Health a try as they use promising approaches with magnets. We are very happy we did: in the last several months my daughter has not had any flare-ups, even when she got colds. I strongly recommend Greater Cincinnati Natural Health to anybody that is looking to improve his/her health using natural approaches”  --CL

Healthy girl

“I am so grateful I found Greater Cincinnati Natural Health, my life has completely changed since. I had multiple pains, I felt down often, had emotional issues, suffered from hot flashes... It took a while, it took some work, but I got a lot of help, sound advice, support and real caring from GC Natural Health, and step by step my life changed. I now feel great, my health issues are gone, I am happy and enjoy my life!”   --CZ

"I had been suffering from many issues with digestion for months. I had pain, heartburn and nausea, and I was even afraid to eat. Implementing the lifestyle changes recommended and taking some natural supplements really helped me. The pain disappeared and I was able to eat again without problems."  -- AT

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