Guillermo Caal


Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Certified Natural Health Professional
Certified in Biomagnetism

Dr. Tennant's "Healing is Voltage" training

B.S. Electrical Engineering

M.Sc. Strategic Quality Management

I would never have thought that after working for more than twenty years in three of the biggest companies in America as an Electrical engineer and a Quality manager, I would become a holistic and naturopathic practitioner.

When my oldest son was five years old, he was diagnosed with asthma. I consulted multiple doctors and specialists, and all had the same response: he needed to use two inhalers indefinitely. Not satisfied, I started researching other options. This took me on a long journey in which I became passionately interested in alternative and natural healing methods.

Because of my background in electronics and physics, I specialized in alternative approaches that use magnetism (Biomagnetism), vibration/frequencies (Homeopathics, Bach flowers) and energy. Adding these to the more traditional practices of using herbs, nutritional supplements and water, became a winning formula.

After years of using these techniques successfully with myself, my family and many friends (my son has been inhaler-free for several years), I decided to open Greater Cincinnati Natural Health with a deep desire to help others that want to improve their health using effective and safe natural approaches. 

Disclaimer: Guillermo Caal is NOT a medical doctor. For diagnosis and treatment of disease, please consult your physician. Natural Health, Holistic Wellness and Alternative practices are complementary to standard medical practices, not a substitute. 

Disclaimer: This site and the services we provide are intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of health, they are NOT intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Guillermo Caal is a Naturopathic & Holistic practitioner, NOT a medical doctor. 

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