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Guillermo Caal

Naturopathic Doctor 

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Certified Natural Health Professional
Certified in Biomagnetism

Dr. Tennant's "Healing is Voltage" training

B.S. Electrical Engineering

M.Sc. Strategic Quality Management

Having spent over two decades in prominent roles as an Electrical Engineer and Quality Manager within three of America's largest corporations, I could hardly have foreseen my eventual transition to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor and Holistic Practitioner.

The turning point in my journey occurred when my son, at the age of five, was diagnosed with severe asthma. Despite consulting numerous doctors and specialists, the unanimous recommendation was a reliance on two inhalers indefinitely. Unsatisfied with this prognosis, I delved into extensive research and eventually became passionately interested in alternative and natural healing methods.

Leveraging my background in electronics and physics, I specialized in alternative approaches encompassing magnetism (Biomagnetism, Magnet Therapy, Emotion Code Therapy), vibration/frequencies (Homeopathy, Sound Therapy, Bach Flowers, Essential Oils), and energy (Energy Healing, Applied Kinesiology). Integrating these practices with traditional approaches involving herbs, nutritional supplements, food, and water has proven to be a successful formula. Furthermore, my experience as a Quality professional aligns with the principles embraced by Functional Medicine doctors that focus on identifying and addressing root causes. 

Having witnessed the successful application of these techniques within my own life, my family, and a circle of friends (notably, my son has been inhaler-free for several years), I established Greater Cincinnati Natural Health with a profound desire to assist others seeking to enhance their health through effective natural approaches.

Naturopath, holistic practitioner

About our naturopath

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