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Electromagnetic pollution

EMF Solutions Ohio

The exponential increase in EMF radiation in our living spaces has a negative impact on our health, sometimes in dramatic ways.


Since these radiations are invisible and cannot be felt with our senses, a professional EMF Radiation inspection at your home or office is the best way to understand, measure and mitigate EMF radiations that may be affecting you. EMF Solutions Ohio provides this service at an affordable cost. 

If you want to maintain or recover good health, controlling the amount of radiation you are exposed to and reducing it is a must.

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Key Videos - Holistic Doctors

Cymatics experiment

A simple physics experiment shows the power of vibration and frequencies. 

Does your body need a key vibration or frequency to be able to re-organize internally and regain health? 

Water Memory

In this documentary, Nobel prize laureate Dr. Luc Montaigner shows new discovered properties of water. Water retains electromagnetic signals and frequencies.


As water is the main component of our bodies, these studies prove that electromagnetism and frequencies can have important effects on our health. 

Healing is Voltage

In a conference of "Future Science", Dr. Jerry Tennant presents the concept of voltage in the body and its significant implications on health. 

Is your health suffering because your batteries are discharged? Or because your energies are not flowing the way they should?

Secret Ingredients

Amazing documentary about genetically modified foods. See how real people recovered from incurable issues by changing one aspect of their diet. 

Are you sick because of the secret ingredients included in the food you eat?

Earthing / Grounding

Mother Earth is literally a mother, that nurtures us and gives us energy. Unfortunately in modern life we live disconnected from those energies.

Are you in pain or suffering from inflammation because you are not leveraging this vital source of energy?

Links to Alternative Medicine resources

The following external links provide detailed information about some of the alternative, holistic and natural approaches we use.

Recommended Holistic Doctors Key Bibliography

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